Monthly Archives: April 2015

Hang in there

Life has gotten very busy.  The miners are still down in the muck.  They bounce around record lows and up 20% from there.  Every time there is even a slight scare they shoot up 5-10% before later falling back down due to current lack of interest.  But the jumps show how much this area can gain in a short time when even a little interest sparks.

There are incredible gains to come in the long term.  Keep buying more as the miners dip lower.  Don’t try to trade in and out.  Get yourself in and buy more as they go down.  If they pop up, don’t buy more.  Sit and wait.  Don’t be in a hurry, its not likely that any huge gains will be made in the short term.  Build a strong position.

Hopefully I’ll get more time for a real update in the near future.