The Skinny:

I am a married man in my early 40’s with a wife and young son.  I have been saving money and investing since I was in college in my early 20’s.

My wife is currently following a strong passion in her life to aligning her incredible talents with her passion by helping people that can’t necessarily help themselves.

With my wife running a non-profit business, I am currently the major contributor to our household income. With that in mind, though I have always been relatively risk averse, I have adjusted my investing strategies to be even more protective and risk averse.

This blog is currently intended to be about how I invest for the long-term while working full time and having a family.

The Deeper Deets:

Though I received my undergraduate in Electrical Engineering, during college, one of my best friends, a business student, and I would spend a lot of time discussing and researching publicly traded companies.  We would discuss their business strategies, finances, and most importantly their management teams.  We didn’t have much money to invest but would put what we had into companies we really reasoned were undervalued but still had strong management with a strong plan and exceptional future potential.

I’m not sure how the last year of college works these days, but back then we would interview for jobs about 6 months before we graduated.  Turning down offers from Motorolla, Texas Instruments, and GE Medical, I decided to go with a smaller high tech company.  My decision to turn down the bigger names was partly because I wanted to do exciting new high tech design, but mostly because they offered me the biggest salary with the highest signing bonus.

Unfortunately, however, by the time I graduated, the “Dot Com” crash had started its monster plunge and was fired before I even got to show up to my first day of work.

The good news, however, was that I was still given my signing bonus, which I had previously negotiated up from $5k to $15k.  So I took the money as a “graduation gift” and invested it in the market (I previously had some other money in the market as well).

I’ve been investing for over 15 years and I’ve learned a lot along the way. My intent with this blog is to share the lessons and methods I have learned and developed along the way.